Tile Roofs in BC: Not the Best Option for Your Roof

tile roofing

Aesthetically speaking, a properly installed tile roof can add a great deal of appeal to the look of your home. Beyond their aesthetic appeal however, there are few other pros associated with having a tile roof in a climate like the one in BC. This is mainly because traditional tile roofs are intended for homes located in warmer, drier climates. … Read More

How Does the Sun Damage Your Roof?

sun damaging the roof

In Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we wait a long time and put up with a lot of rainfall for a few fast months of summer sun. And while getting that heat on our skin and taking advantage of the good weather is a great feeling, we are often all too happy to take a break into the shade when … Read More

Most Popular Roof Types in Maple Ridge


Most people think a roof is just a roof, but each one has something unique to it. Every roof has been carefully designed for the size and shape of the building. And the materials used are chosen to both withstand the elements and to satisfy certain aesthetic preferences. The roofs you’ll find in a city like Maple Ridge, for example, … Read More

Pitched Roof Vs Flat Roofs


As a home owner, there are many things to consider. And if you are taking the exciting step of building a home, it may feel like the decisions are endless. One of the most important things to consider is what kind of roof a home will have. The roof both protects the home while, at the same time, it faces … Read More

Advantages of a Roof Gutter Guard Installation


In a place like rainy Vancouver, everyone knows the importance of having a gutter. Without a gutter on a rainy day, you might as well be walking under a waterfall. One of the most dreaded home maintenance chores, however, is cleaning the gutters. Just saying it sounds terrible and sends shudders down the spine. Climbing up a ladder and cleaning … Read More

Taves Roofing Now Serving in Mission


For residents in Mission looking for a full-service roofing company that provides top quality repairs and installations at a highly competitive price, they need look no further than Taves Roofing. Our company has been providing residents in the Vancouver, Maple Ridge and Burnaby areas with excellent customer service and quality roof repairs for years now, and we are pleased to … Read More

Roofing Questions To Ask Contractors


5 Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor BEFORE You Hire Them Whether it’s for a major home repair or you are thinking about getting some routine maintenance, hiring a roofing contractor is an important decision. And despite flashy claims and big promises, not all roofing companies offer the same quality of service.

Is It Time For A ReRoof?


How Do I Know It’s Time For A ReRoof? While everyone knows that with owning a home comes maintenance and repairs, sometimes they crop up at unexpected times, leaving you with little time to prepare. Of course, it would be nice if life stuck to a schedule, but stuff happens — storms blow in, hidden or unknown damage rears its … Read More

What Does it Mean To Be Select ShingleMaster Certified?


The Best Roof Warranty In Vancouver In today’s world, it’s hard to trust that things are built to last. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of having an electronic device or something like a vehicle begin to have problems just after the warranty has run out. At that point there’s nothing you can do but replace it.

Summer Roof Maintenance


There’s nothing quite like summer in Vancouver. The rain dries up, the sun shines for days on end and evenings can be spent watching the sun set over the ocean. The break in the rain also gives people a chance to tackle some of the outdoor maintenance jobs that are tough to do during Vancouver winters, especially roof maintenance. Summer … Read More