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Taves Roofing has been providing both residents and commercial business owners all over Vancouver and the lower mainland with many different kinds of durable and high quality flat roofing systems for over 25 years. We understand that having a flat roof on the West Coast can bring a lot of potential for leaks and structural damage due to the high level of precipitation common to the region. That is why we have made sure to take note of what flat roofing systems are best for homes and businesses in the area, so we can pass on our knowledge to our customers, and help them make the best choice according to their structural requirements and budgetary restrictions. To help you get a better idea about which flat roof will best suit your needs, as well as the flat roofing services we offer at Taves Roofing, feel free to check out the brief descriptions below.

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Tar & Gravel Flat Roofing

One of the most common and affordable types of flat roofs, the tar & gravel roof has proven to stand the test of time as well as the elements effectively for a few decades. This roof is applied by combining gravel shingles with a hot tar mixture (which is now made without coal) and essentially sticking it to the roof surface in order to create a waterproof barrier. Many people still prefer this style of roof to a torch-on roof due to the fact that it requires less maintenance, and usually costs less as well.

Torch-On Flat Roofing

This flat roof is made from wither polyester or fibreglass that is rolled on and melted into place using an open flame. Unlike a tar & gravel roof, a torch-on roof doesn’t require any strong-smelling tar, and is a lot more flexible thanks to the rubber material it is made of. Thanks to the simple installation, as well as its notable durability, the torch-on roof is quickly becoming the most common type of flat roof system available today.

EPDM & TPO Flat Roofing

These types of flat roofs are constructed using a single ply membrane which is rolled on in sheets and glued together to form waterproof seams. Despite being thin membranes, these roofs are extremely durable and flexible, which allows them to be among the longest lasting flat roofing systems we offer. Many homeowners enjoy the fact that these roofs require little maintenance, but we do emphasize the fact that it takes a professional roofer to fix an EPDM or TPO roof if they should become damaged, due to the fact that even a small leak in these roofs can quickly lead to more extensive damage if they are not completely patched. Many homeowners as well as businesses like this light coloured flat roof system as an alternative to black tar & gravel or torch-on roofs due to the fact that they can significantly reduce the amount of heat a property absorbs and emits during the summer, which can reduce energy costs and enhance comfort levels.

A strong flat roof will drastically reduce the potential for leaks, as well as structural damage found elsewhere in your home or commercial property. You can also reduce the level of energy consumption for your property, which will help you save money in the long run, and will reduce your carbon footprint by a significant amount. For all of your flat roofing needs, there is no better choice than the certified Professional Roofers at Taves Roofing. Our friendly team will be sure to provide you with quality work at an honest price, so be sure to call us, or go online to request a free estimate today!

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