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Durability and long lasting beauty make metal roofing a superior choice. You’ll appreciate the value metal roofing offers as the years accumulate with practically no maintenance or replacement costs. If you are looking for metal roof in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, Taves Roofing can help.

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Why Metal / Vinyl Roofs?

Whether you want a sleek, contemporary look, a classic, traditional look or a rustic look for your home, Taves Roofing has the style and metal roofing colors you need. Our roofing consultants in Vancouver will help you choose from a variety of metal roofing options such as steel, aluminum, copper, corrugated roof, tin and lead. Here are some benefits of metal roofing:

  • Can last anywhere from 50-75 years or more with little maintenance.
  • 100% recyclable and made from up to 50% recycled material
  • Metal will not burn and many insurance companies offer reduced rates due to the high fire resistance provided by metal covered roofs.
  • Metal roof meet highest performance ratings available for fire protection, resistance to wind uplift, and hail damage.
  • Metal roofing products are environmentally friendly—due to their recyclability, and solar reflectiveness which result in lower cooling requirements.
  • Metal roofs do not mildew, split, crack, or curl. Metal is virtually maintenance free and can last 50 – 75 years or more.
  • Wide range of material choices—copper, galvanized or coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other coated metals—and several different panel construction options—standing seam, decorative stampings, 5V, and others.
  • Metal roofing systems are durable and lightweight for both new and reroof applications.

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Metal Roofing Properties

Properly installed metal roofing is no noisier than any other type of roof. Metal roofing is typically installed over a solid substrate. Additionally, the attic and insulation provide a sound barrier. If you wish to install residential metal roofing over your existing roof, the metal roof will most likely be raised over the existing roof by means of furring strips. These furring strips will create an air pocket which will further deaden sound.

Asphalt vs. Metal Roofs

Millions of barrels of crude oil are used in the production asphalt shingles, which inevitably fail. Annually, over 30 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are disposed of in landfills. The steel used to make metal roofing products and accessories is composed of as much as 50% recycled material, and is itself 100% recyclable. In fact, metal is the most highly recycled material; 64% of all scrap metal in North America is recycled annually. In many cases, metal roofing Canada can be installed over existing roofing, saving costly tear off and disposal charges.

Metal roofing costs about three times the cost of conventional asphalt roofs. The difference in metal roofing cost is attributed to a much higher price of metal roofing materials sold by metal roofing manufacturers, and a highly technically involved installation process that requires specialized skills, and specific training. The tedious and time-consuming installation process requires longer hours, precision and patience affecting cost of metal roof. On average, metal roof takes about two to three times longer to install than a conventional roof.

Metal roof can last a lifetime with little to no roof maintenance, while providing tremendous cooling cost savings, offering a distinct look to your home, and increasing its value. Metal roofs may bring savings that add up to a double and even three times the amount you would spend with asphalt shingle roof, thus justifying metal roof cost.

*Standing seam metal roof cost differs from shingle metal roof cost.

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