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Roof substrate replacement or repair is the process of getting rid of one or more layers on your roof and sheathing. If you are in need of a new roof, this is a project that is highly recommended. In the case of a home renovation, it is wise to consider a shingle/flat roof replacement.

Proper steps must be taken when installing roof underlayment and the nailing down of shingles directly onto the roof deck. If the proper installation steps are not taken, your shingle warranty is at risk of being voided by the manufacturer. It’s important to understand the different roofing materials and gain the necessary knowledge of what their potential weaknesses are.

It is possible for water to enter your roof through the water proofing layers by possible cuts, tears, poorly sealed holes and failed flashing and caps. This can cause problems later on with the insulation below being drenched with water, which would be trapped in the roof substrate. If not properly repaired, concrete decks would absorb trapped water, metal would begin to rust and wood decks would rot. The interior will be at major risk of unwanted water seepage.

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If the substrate or supporting materials have in fact started to deteriorate, certain surface material may be re-used if handled with care. An Taves Roofing professional assessment must be made to determine whether your roof could be repaired or in some cases, require replacement.

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