Integrity Roof System

The ultimate in roof performance

integrity roof system

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With Taves Superior Systems approach to Roofing combined with high performance underpayments, shingles, ventilation and accessory products make the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System Vancouver’s Choice for a High Performance Solution to your Roof investment.

When you choose an Integrity Roofing System from Taves, you can be assured your entire roof and it’s parts are from a single source.

This is why Taves can give you the Longest Roof Warranty in town…. 50 YEARS!

certainteed ridge vents

CertainTeed Ridge Vents

Taves Roofing uses CertainTeed Ridge Vents combined with sufficient intake vents, are the most effective ventilation system around.

hip and ridge accessories

Hip & Ridge Accessories

The Hips and Ridges of your Roof are then finished with approved Accessory Shingles that are designed to complement the appearance of your Shingles

certainteed shingles

CertainTeed Shingles

We use only the Highest Quality Shingles for your Roof, since they are covered by the Strongest Warranty in the Business, you are assured your Roof will withstand the Vancouver weather!

roofers diamonddeck

Roofer’s Select or DiamondDeck

High Performance underlayment is applied to your roof, this provides a protective water resistant layer for all the rain we get here in Vancouver. It also provides a secondary barrier against leaks.

winter guard


To prevent Wind-Driven Rain & Ice Dams in Vulnerable areas, we install Waterproofing Shingle Underlayment to your Roof to for protection from our nasty winters.

starter shingles

Starter Shingles

When it comes to Starter Shingles we used specially designer Shingles that work specifically with your CertainTeed Shingle for Maximum Performance.

A Superior roof is needed in our tough Vancouver weather where we experience all 4 seasons. A quality roofing system involves many of the above parts working together to protect your home from mother nature. If one part fails then the whole roof could potentially fail.

Designed for optimum performance, NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER CONDITIONS! Day after day, year after year a CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System will protect your most important investment. We will back this up with the Longest Warranty In Town!

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This is what sets us apart from most roofers. Look at the competition and see what they have to offer. Ten years? Maybe 20 if you’re lucky? Very few offer 50 years for you to get your roof replaced should anything happen to it.

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