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Roof emergency repair service is designed to urgently put in place a repair to protect the property, contents or stock from further damage. Taves Roofing has a large flexible workforce which is responsive to emergencies and will provide a professional roof repair at competitive prices:

24 hour leak repairs

24 Hour Leak Repairs

all roof types

All Roof Types

commercial roofs

Commercial & Residential Roofs

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Efficient Service with Competitive Pricing

When Is A Roof Leak Repair Necessary?

First and foremost the repair is done to control the spread of the water seeping in. This water can and will damage the internal structure and can be a source for further damage to the roof, if not checked at the earliest. The purpose of an emergency roof repair is to stop more water from entering the home / building and also to protect the home’s structure and contents from being damaged or further damaged. If the repair is temporary, we will return to finish the work and restore your roof to a sound condition. Pro Roofing technicians will also ensure that no water is remaining within the roof structure to potentially cause further damage.

Chimneys are a frequent place for leaks. The metal flashing around the chimney may have become loose. Roof cement often separates from chimneys during extreme weather and temperature changes.

Roof vents are another easy area for water to seep in. Your roof probably has several vents. You could have vents to let the hot air out of your attic. There are usually plumbing vents too from the bathroom. Sometimes there are dryer vents. All these vents are normally sealed with flashing and/or roof cement. Many emergency roof repairs are done around vents.

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24/7 Emergency Roof Repairs

We respond urgently to inquiries, with a 24 hour helpline. Taves Roofing technicians have the expertise and experience for most types of roof repairs: residential, commercial and industrial roof systems. It makes no difference what time of the night it is, when you need an emergency roof repair we are on our way.

  • Damage due to heavy rains, hail, storms, snow, heat
  • Tree branches and other debris hitting the roof; high winds
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Structural failure

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Damage From Heavy Rains, Hail, Storms, Snow, Heat

tree branch repair

Tree Branches & Debris Hitting Your Roof, Due To High Winds

extreme weather conditions

Extreme Weather Conditions

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Structure Failure

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