Common Roof Problems and When to Call A Roofing Contractor


Do I Need To Call A Roofing Contractor?

Roofs are arguably the most important component of a house. Without them, or at least a properly functioning one, the whole structure is compromised.

Keeping a roof in good condition and spotting problems before they become disasters, will save a home owner time and money in the long run. While many people are tempted by a do-it-yourself approach, it is not always the best idea. Roofing problems usually require a roofing contractor to fix in order to make sure it’s done properly, and for insurance and warranty purposes.

The sooner a home owner can spot a problem, the easier it will be to fix. Here are some common roofing problems to watch out for.

Trees Falling On Your Roof

While trees can be wonderful additions to any landscape and they can increase the value of your home, they can cause problems if they are not properly maintained. Trees should be pruned a couple of times a year so that weak limbs or damaged branches don’t break during bad weather causing damage to the roof or a glass skylight. Any part of a tree that is growing too close to the house and roof should also be trimmed back.

Animals Can Do Roof Damage

Many animals will take up residence under gutters, in small openings and anywhere else that is warm and sheltered. Whether they are small mammals like squirrels, or insects or birds, animals and rodents can cause a surprising amount of damage to roofs. If you see animals creating nests or notice an infestation, it’s best to deal with it before it becomes a major problem for your home.

Leaky Roofs Should Be Addressed Right Away

If leaks are not addressed quickly, moisture can seep into the under layers of a roof, and then inside the home. And the longer they are left, the bigger the problem will get. Watch for signs of leakage inside the home after stormy weather, including in the attic. And check for loose or damaged shingles after a spell of bad weather. If you do notice water getting in, it’s best to call a roofing technician to determine the damage and what can be done about it.

Poor Roof Installation

This is a common problem with DIY roofing projects. You may have inherited these problems when you bought the house, or perhaps you are the source of the faulty installation, but poorly installed roofing needs to be fixed. If not, it will shorten the life of your roof and can cause warranties and insurance to be voided.

Poor installation can occur with the shingles or the flashing, which is what seals the places in your roof where holes have been made. Venting, skylights, chimneys and heating and cooling systems are examples of spots that need proper seals. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to properly assess whether your roofing and flashing has been installed properly.

Lack of Roof Maintenance

It is up to home owners to properly maintain their roofs. It is recommended that roofs are inspected annually by an experienced and reputable roofing contractor. They will identify problems before they become disasters and offer solutions on how to fix them.

In addition, home owners should (safely) inspect their roofs after bad weather and again as the seasons change. Small tasks like cleaning gutters and removing debris will go a long way in keeping a roof in good condition. Home owners should also watch for signs of leaks after storms and rainy seasons like Vancouver’s winter.

Roofing problems don’t repair themselves. And putting a pot to catch water from a drip in the ceiling is not solving a problem! Instead, call a roofing contractor to come in and take a look at the damage. They will know to do and will offer solutions to the problem.

If you are in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, we are happy to offer our services for any of your roofing needs, including annual inspections, maintenance, repairs or roof replacements.