Tips to Protect Your Roof Against Vancouver Heavy Rain


If there’s one thing Vancouverites can agree upon it’s that the rainy season is long and, well, wet.

Some people love the moody grey skies, while others find the rain nearly unbearable. But whatever your feelings toward the weather are, you understand that the long rainy season changes the way we care for our homes.

When it comes to our houses or the buildings we live in, the roof takes the brunt of the wet weather. And having a leaking roof is extremely stressful — plus it can have an awful domino effect, including the buildup of dangerous mold or structural damage to the building. The good news is there are preventative measures we can take to protect our homes, our families and all of our things from Vancouver’s relentless rain.

Here’s what you can do to Protect Your Roof Against Vancouver Rain

Check for signs of a leaky roof

There are telltales signs of a leaking roof, both inside and outside. Do regular visual inspections of your roof from the outside by noting if there are any cracked or broken shingles. You can take a ladder up if there are hard to see spots, but only attempt to walk on your roof if you have safety measures in place.

On the inside, do a walkthrough and take a careful look at your ceilings, especially in the corners or if there is a downward slope in the ceiling. And don’t forget to check out your attic now and again! Make sure that it has plenty of both insulation and ventilation, and that they are in good, clean condition.

If there are any blotches or dark patches forming in the ceiling, if the attic is overly damp, or if there is damage to the exterior to the roof, don’t hesitate to call in a professional roofer to assess the situation.

Clean your gutters

It’s not the most glamorous job out there but cleaning your gutters and drainpipes is incredibly important to protect against Vancouver rains. Especially if you have deciduous trees that lose their leaves during the fall. If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, the heavy rains will start to back up and pool on your roof, eventually causing leaks.

Prune your plants

One of the great things about the Vancouver rains is that it makes the city beautiful and green. But trees are best when they are kept trimmed and properly pruned. Overgrowth can damage your shingles and roofing. And weak branches or whole tree limbs can break off in a wind or rain storm, causing all sorts of terrible (preventable) problems.

Check your seals

If you have a roof that features skylights or a chimney, these are prime spots for leaks to start. The caulking or sealant wears out more quickly than other parts of the roof, especially in Vancouver with its drastic swings in weather. Check the seals annually and be prepared to replace them every five years or so.

Make it an annual thing

Annual roof inspections are an important part of being a responsible homeowner. Eventually, roofs need replacing, which is an expensive undertaking. But you can prolong the life of your roof by taking good care of it, and that includes proper inspections. This helps to stop problems before they become catastrophes and will save you time and money.

And don’t wait too long to call in a roofer. It’s always worth it, even just for the peace of mind. Further, fixing things yourself can cause more problems if the job is not done right, even affecting your insurance if at some point you need to make a claim.

The rain, good or bad, affects our roofs and it’s best to be proactive to avoid large-scale damage. And remember… it could always be worse. Rain is wet but snow is colder, heavier and is way more difficult to deal with.

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