How to Walk Safely on Your Roof

The man is trying to walk on the roof

Walking on your roof seems like an easy and simple thing to do. However, it can be a very dangerous undertaking, and commonly leads to accidents. Before tackling any sort of roof repair, it is worth consulting a Vancouver roofing service for advice or to examine your roof’s structural integrity.

Things to consider before walking out

First thing first you need to make sure that your roof’s pitch isn’t too steep to walk on. If it is on a steep pitch, don’t go out there under any conditions and call a Vancouver roofing service.

Another thing to keep in mind is what shape your roof is in. If it has visible damage and sagging spots on it, you should avoid those areas, or walking out at all, and call a Vancouver roofing service.

Lastly, you don’t want to go out on your roof at any time of inclement weather. Any kind of precipitation could make it slippery and cause an accident, and the same goes for high winds. Be extra cautious if it is becoming cold because ice and frost forming can be tough to see and must be avoided as well. You’ll want to wait for a nice day for any roof work or repair.

If you have met all of these conditions and must get out on your roof, follow these steps.

Steps when getting on the roof:

  1. Use Proper footwear. You want to make sure that your shoes have great grip on the bottom. Think hiking boots.
  2. Secure the ladder. You’re going to want to make sure that the ladder has ample room to be set up properly. This means placed on a flat surface, at a 4:1 ratio (for every 4 feet up, 1 foot out) and you have a second person spotting at the bottom while you climb.
  3. Secure a Harness. Harnesses can be expensive, but they are absolutely necessary for safety. When you get to the top you will need to secure a roof bracket. You will want to do this into solid wood, a rafter for example, so it will be strong enough to hold your weight.
  4. Use a tool belt. Just as important as making the ladder sturdy is making sure you have hands free to properly climb. Place tools securely in a tool belt or use a pulley system to get items up on the roof. Do not climb one handed.
  5. Clear the roof. Make sure that the roof is clear of weather like rain or snow, but also of leaves and twigs and other debris. Wear gloves on your hands when removing debris, and it can be a good idea to hose the roof off of excess debris if that’s an option. If you do, wait for the roof to dry before walking on it. If the shingles are all coming off the roof as you do this, do not walk on the roof and consult Vancouver roofing services.

Once again, it is a dangerous undertaking to walk on your roof and you should consult a Vancouver roofing service before attempting it. If you want any more information please consult Taves Roofing for any and all roofing questions and concerns. We’re more than happy to help!

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