How to Prevent Roofing Leaks in Maple Ridge BC


If you’ve ever felt the dread that comes from hearing that terrible drip… drip… drip… sound, you’ll know how stressful a leaky roof can be. Not only can it be an indication of other far more serious structural problems in your roof, but it can also lead to health problems for you and your loved ones because of mold and mildew buildup.

Now that the leaves are almost gone, and winter will soon be here, it’s essential to take measures to prevent leaky roofs. Places like Maple Ridge are not called Rainy Haney for nothing; the average rainfall is 1577 mm (that’s 620 inches)!

So let’s go over some ways you can prevent a leaky roof before the cold rainy season comes around.

Check Your Shingles

Do a quick visual inspection to see if there are any noticeably cracked, broken or missing shingles. You can do this from the ground or by getting the ladder out, if conditions satisfy the relevant safety protocols, you can get up on the roof yourself to see. If you come across issues, call in a professional for repairs—a shoddy job can cause more problems, even affecting your insurance down the road.

Trim Your Trees

Trees grow bigger every year (duh), and they require pruning and maintenance, so they don’t become a problem for your roof. Trim back any branches that have overgrown and that pose a danger by snapping off and falling, and make sure no wayward twigs and sticks are accumulating on your roof.

Take Care of Your Gutters

No shortage of leaves fall from the many beautiful trees that grow in Maple Ridge BC, and many of those leaves will end up in your gutter. Since the function of a roof’s gutter drain is to direct rain away from your roof, if it is clogged, they will cause back up and could eventually cause leaks in your house.

Ensure Proper Caulking

If your roof has a chimney or skylights, make sure to inspect them and ensure that the caulking is creating an airtight seal. If the caulking is faulty, it will almost certainly cause a leak. This will need to be done every five years or so, depending on the wear and tear from weather conditions.

Don’t Forget Your Attic

Preventing problems from the inside is often overlooked. If your house has an attic, make sure that it has both plenty of insulation and ventilation to help prevent leaks.

Get Inspected

Annual roof inspections will help you catch problems before they become catastrophes. Calling in a certified professional roofer to perform a regular maintenance of your roof means you are taking preventative measures to help ensure the health of your home. The due diligence is worth the effort just for the peace of mind alone!

Proper maintenance of a house includes regular roof inspections, repairs and, eventually, replacements. But believe us when we say that taking measures to help prevent a leaky roof is well worth the time and effort.

If you suspect you have a leaky roof or if you need help taking preventative measures, our roofing contractors in Maple Ridge BC are always happy to help.


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