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Solar Panel Installation in Vancouver

Solar-powered homes have become more popular than ever, and it’s easy to see why. Solar panel roofing is not only an environmentally-friendly way to power our homes, but it is also a way to save money on energy bills and give a home a unique architectural style.

However, solar roofing installations can get complicated, so you will need some help from professionals. With years of experience in the business, Taves Roofing is Metro Vancouver’s trusted solar roofers.

Whether you are drawn to solar roofing as a way to save money on your energy bill or to do your part for the planet, the certified installers at Taves Roofing can help you achieve your dreams of solar-powered living. We have more than 25 years of experience working with both commercial and residential properties across the lower mainland and offer expert service as well as competitive pricing.

Solar Panel For Home

Many homeowners will opt for a solar roof as a way to do their part for the environment, as well as a way to cut back on some of the costs associated with homeownership. If you are considering solar roofing for your home, give yourself peace-of-mind by working with a professional roofing company. Installers with industry experience know how to get the job done right.

Vancouver residential can install solar panel on their roof

Why Do Homeowners Love Solar Roofs?

There are so many reasons to love solar roofs — especially because they’ve become more accessible and practical over recent years. After all, the sun is the source of energy of all things on Earth, so it only makes sense that it be the source of energy for your home. Here are some of the main reasons why our customers love their solar roofs:

  • Renewable energy source (unlike other sources, we can’t run out of solar power)
  • Great open for homes that aren’t on the traditional energy grid
  • Easy maintenance — the installation is the hardest part
  • Solar roofs save you money on your energy bills
solar panel on the Vancouver home's roof

Commercial Buildings With Solar Panels

Solar roofing is also a wonderful option for commercial operations. Not only will solar roofing help you cut down on costs, but it may also improve your reputation as a company, and you may also be eligible for certain government tax breaks for using alternative energy. Taves Roofing can help you with the installation of solar roofs for your business, no matter how large your roof is.

industries in Vancouver can contact our solar panel constructor for installation

Why Should You Work With Solar Roofing Contractors?

Unless you are a professional roofer, it is not recommended that you install your own solar roof. Professional solar roofers have years of experience and training that allow them to perform their work safely, efficiently, and properly. Not only could novice roof installers harm themselves in the process of installing a solar roof, but they could also inadvertently damage the roof which could lead to expensive problems later on.

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