How Much Roof Space For Solar Panels?

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In today’s fast-changing world, it is becoming increasingly more important for alternative energy to be adopted at a faster rate. However, when it comes to the average homeowner, these alternative energy sources can seem out of reach. After all, it would be quite the ordeal for the average homeowner to install a wind turbine, or to run on their own biomass. However, are solar panels equally out of reach?

While the common understanding is that a solar panel roof is only feasible on large homes, this is not necessarily true. In this article, we will go over the space that is required for the average solar panel installation and the factors that go into determining this.


How Much Space Do You Need On a Roof for Solar Panels?

It is difficult to answer this question with one straightforward answer, as its answer will actually depend on a number of factors. Instead, it may be helpful to look at it as a kind of formula. This formula would look a little something like this:


Your energy roof + your roof characteristics + your location + your solar panel = the size of solar panel installation you need.


Allow us to explain in greater detail:


The Amount of Energy Your Household Uses

No two households are exactly alike in their energy use, and what’s even more interesting is that the size of your house does not actually always factor into the amount of energy you use. What is more important is lifestyle factors, such as the number of appliances that you use, the frequency with which you operate these appliances, and the energy efficiency of these appliances.


Of course, it’s not just appliances, either — also determining your energy usage is the amount of lighting that you use, how much your house needs to be heated or cooled, and how much hot water you use on a regular basis.


All this being said, it may be helpful for us to share some average numbers. In Canada, for example, the average resident uses 11,135 kWh (kilowatts) of energy in any given year. This is higher than the average American, who uses 10,909 kWh, or the average Australian, who uses 9,044 kWh.


The Direction That Your Roof Faces

If your home faces a direction that takes in a lot of suns naturally, you will need fewer solar panels in order for your home to reach its full energy-producing potential. Makes sense, right? The best position for sun-soaking is towards the south, at least in the northern hemisphere.


The Amount of Sunlight in Your Location

Similar to the last point — the more hours of sunlight that your city or town receives in a given year, the less work your solar panels will have to do.


The Kind of Solar Panel That You Use

Although they may all do the same job, not all solar panel systems are created equally. It is important to talk to your professional solar panel installer about the pros and cons of all options to determine which type is best for your household.


How Do I Determine How Many Solar Panels I Need?

It is very difficult for a homeowner to determine the number of solar panels that they need to order, even with the above formula in mind. Fortunately, when you entrust your solar panel installation to a professional, they will be able to help you determine which solar panel plan works best for you. They will be able to use their expertise and knowledge to help you figure out a particular system that works for you and your lifestyle.


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