Do Skylights Add Value to a Home?

Understand how to add skylights for you vancouver house

There is no doubt that skylights add character and style to a home, but did you know that they can also add value? If you are a homeowner who is considering a skylight installation, you may want to crunch some numbers before deciding whether or not you want to go forward with the installation. In this article, we will go over the effects that a new skylight can have on your overall home value, as well as the costs associated with having a skylight installed.

Types of Skylights

Most of us are familiar with the traditional kind of skylight often found in bathrooms and kitchens, but is this the only kind of skylight out there on the market?


In general, there are three common types of skylights: ventilating (also called vented), tubular, and fixed.

1. Fixed

A fixed skylight is the most common type of skylight and is most likely the image you picture in your mind. They are known for their leak-proof reliability and durability. Fixed skylights cannot be opened and are designed to one just one simple job: brighten up interior spaces and help save on energy costs through the natural sun rays.

2. Vented

Vented skylight windows are unique because they offer the ability to be opened, whether by hand or by electronic control. They are a popular choice for areas with high humidity, or in a room where condensation may be a concern. In some jurisdictions, a vented skylight may even qualify as an emergency exit.

3. Tubular

A tubular skylight, unlike a flat roof skylight, uses your home’s natural curve to capture light. They are generally smaller than alternative skylights which makes them easier to install. They use three different components — a diffuser, a dome, and a tube — to distribute light throughout your room or even home.

Check out examples of house skylight on Pinterest.

How Much Does a Skylight Installation Cost?

If you’re excited about the idea of a skylight, it’s helpful to know what kind of practical costs are involved. However, when it comes to asking how much a skylight costs, the answer is it depends!


Generally speaking, the cost of installing a simple 2 foot by 4 foot (60 cm by 122 cm) skylight will average anywhere from $500 to $3,000. However, this cost is subject to change and is largely dependent on the cost of the materials you choose, the complexity of the rooftop you are cutting into, your home’s location, and the cost of using a professional installer.


Unfortunately for those who prefer to do home improvement tasks themselves, installing a skylight is not an easy task and is one that is best left to the professionals. Errors made in the installation of skylights can have lasting impacts, such as water leaks or cracks. Taves Roofing is happy to offer Vancouver skylight installation services to our customers.


Does a Skylight Installation Increase the Value of Your Home?

Although there has not been a definitive study done that has confirmed this, it is very likely that a skylight will increase the overall value of your home. There are a few reasons to think so.


The main reason for this is purely aesthetics. A skylight brightens rooms and improves the overall ambience of your home. If you install a vented skylight, they even have the potential to improve your home’s overall airflow. It’s not all in our heads, either — there is reason to believe that improved lighting can better our mood and even make us more productive.


A skylight will also improve the uniqueness of your home, which is sure to appeal to some buyers. If you have a potential buyer who was already considering the installation of a skylight, it may be the driving factor in them ultimately deciding to purchase your home.


To fully show off the benefits of your skylight, it is important that your real estate schedule home viewings during the day, if at all possible. Skylights are at their most effective when the sun is the brightest — it does without saying that skylights are not likely to be very impressive if a prospective buyer sees them after dusk.


If you are counting on a skylight installation to help you in selling your home in Vancouver, it is important that you entrust the help of a professional to make your skylight dreams a reality. High-quality skylights are less likely to be vulnerable to the elements, and more likely to help attract a new buyer.

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