What Does it Mean To Be Select ShingleMaster Certified?


The Best Roof Warranty In Vancouver

In today’s world, it’s hard to trust that things are built to last. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of having an electronic device or something like a vehicle begin to have problems just after the warranty has run out. At that point there’s nothing you can do but replace it.

The same can be said for some home maintenance and repair jobs, and it’s especially upsetting when it comes to roofing. A roof is arguably the most important part of a house, which is why we encourage people to ask themselves: Why would you trust a roofing company that only offers a 10- or 20-year warranty? We think that it speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and quality of the products they use.

Taves Roofing Is Select ShingleMaster Certified

At Taves Roofing, we are proud to be in a class above the rest. All of our roofs are Select ShingleMaster Certified, which means that each tile we install has been strenuously tested for durability. We install roofs that we can guarantee will last, and that’s why we offer a 50-year warranty. And believe us, a 50-year warranty is not something you see very often.

You might be wondering how we can offer such a long warranty and stick to it. In order to become Select ShingleMaster Certified, our team of experienced professional roofers have been rigorously trained and tested to achieve the designation of Select Shingle Master in order to provide customers with the highest quality shingles on the market.

Longest Roofing Warranty In Vancouver

A lot can happen in 50 years, it’s a good part of a lifetime, but that’s how committed we are to the quality of our work and the integrity of the roofs we install. We are one of very few roofing companies in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to offer this kind of guarantee — it takes a huge commitment to become Select ShingleMaster Certified, and we are extremely proud of the designation.

Because we have confidence in our team and in the quality of the products we use, we decided to pass on that confidence to our valued customers. Now our customers can rest assured that their roofs are in the hands of professionals who truly care about the well-being and longevity of their homes and have put the time and training in to prove it.

The value that our customers receive isn’t only in the longevity of their roofs, it’s also in the startup costs. When hiring Taves Roofing for your roofing repair, replacement or maintenance, you can rest assured that you will receive honest and fair pricing. And if something should go wrong in the next 50 years, you can believe that our team of professionals will be there every step along the way.

Honest & Quality Workmanship at Taves Roofing

We’ve been at this for well over two decades now, and we’ve seen a lot of changes happen in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. That’s partly why we are committed to offering something stable and reliable. While we offer a variety of roofing options and are happy to work on almost any kind of roof that is out there, the one thing that remains constant is that we are 100% committed to honest, quality work that is done to last (almost) a lifetime.

There’s hardly anything more stressful than sudden and unexpected home repairs, especially on something as important as a roof, and with Taves Roofing, you will be in good hands to ensure that your family home or business is safe, warm and dry, even at the most fraught of times.

If you are still wondering if Taves Roofing is right for you, give us a call or contact us. Any member of our highly trained professionals will gladly walk you through the benefits of hiring us for your roofing repairs or installations.