How Does the Sun Damage Your Roof?

sun damaging the roof

In Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we wait a long time and put up with a lot of rainfall for a few fast months of summer sun. And while getting that heat on our skin and taking advantage of the good weather is a great feeling, we are often all too happy to take a break into the shade when we get too hot.

Our poor roofs, though. They’ve got no choice but to sit out in the sun with nothing to protect them. And yes, the sun’s rays can do some real damage to a building’s roof. In order to extend the lifespan of your home or building’s roof, it’s good to know how the sun can damage a roof and what you can do to help.

How Does the Sun Damage Your Roof? There are a few things…

UV Rays

Even with cloud cover, UV rays are harmful to roofs and does plenty of damage over time. Especially in the spring and summer months when UV rays are strongest, this powerful force breaks down the molecular structure of your roof slowly but surely. The rays cause asphalt shingles to warp, dry and crack, especially those that get full exposure throughout the day.

Accelerated Growth

One of the realities of living in a rainforest climate is that plant life grows fast here. You have probably seen roofs that have a bright green display of moss and algae growing across them. The summer sun accelerates the growth of plant life, which can damage your roof by creating rot and disintegrating the materials in your roofing, leading to leaks and soft spots.

Expansion and Contraction

We know that in Vancouver, a hot day can be followed by a cool day and that swings in temperature and humidity are common. These changes in weather and atmospheric conditions can damage roofing materials by causing them to expand and contract, causing wear and tear and weakening the integrity of the building’s roof.

There’s not much you can do about your roof’s exposure to sunlight, but there are a few things you can do to help limit the damage that the sun causes.

Roof Inspections

Calling in your roofing specialist to inspect your roof should be part of the annual maintenance for your home. This way you can stay ahead of any problems before they become giant catastrophes. A small patch of shingles is much easier to repair than an entire roof, and proper maintenance will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Small repairs and yearly inspections will ensure your building’s roof has a long and healthy life.

If your area has suffered a powerful wind, hail or rainstorm and you suspect there might be damage, don’t hesitate to call for roofing services. Often times the damage is impossible to see just from a sight inspection.

Especially if your roof is starting to get up there in age, it is important to take the time and put in the maintenance to keep your roof strong and stable. Every season brings new problems for roofs, and in the summer roofs are affected by the sun, so make sure that you are doing what you can to keep it in good condition.

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