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Masonry chimney construction must be carefully done. If you hire someone that’s not qualified, it’s possible for your house to burn down. If improperly installed, the chimney may not do what it was intended to do like keep our house warm, but instead, could become destructive. Different types of chimneys are designed to allow combustion by products to be vented away from the structure so as not to cause any damage to it. This option is not only more pleasant to look at, it also lasts longer.

Chimney Flue Liners

A Flue Liner is a material that provides a smooth, relatively seamless surface and in some cases, also insulation. These liners are not necessary for every chimney flue, but they do serve a purpose and are recommended to be installed. In older homes, not seeing a flue liner is not uncommon, and is still so in some more modern homes. Contractors are not always willing to abide by recommended practices. This is when you would want to consider bringing a qualified Taves Roofing contractor to inspect and assess the potential dangers of your situation. This is a step you will want to take as it will protect the masonry of your chimney and the surrounding area of your home. Over time the liners may wear, and then becomes defective. If you have your chimney inspected and are told your flue liners need to be replaced, we will take the time to discuss and go through the steps that will take place in correcting the problem.

Masonry Chimney Repairs

Of course nothing lasts forever and that’s where we will take the necessary steps in inspecting, creating a plan and sharing with you what needs to be done. Materials that make up your home are protected by the roof, except your chimney. Your chimney is always exposed to the elements. In time chimney masonry will deteriorate after being subject to such conditions and there for makes your home at risk for many possible problems. Taves Roofing Contractors is a FULL SERVICE Roofing Company. If you are looking for masonry chimneys and repairs just call 604-524-6625 or complete our online request form.

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