What to look for in a roof when buying a home


Roof Inspection Tips From A Roofing Contractor When Buying A New Home

Buying a house is generally the biggest investment a person will make in a lifetime. And there is much to consider before signing the papers. A person has to think about the neighbourhood, the layout, style, and size of a house. There is also an emotional investment — thinking about the house into the future, how you and your family will grow into it and what kind of changes and improvements you will make over time.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the condition of the house. You want to have a close inspection of elements like the house’s structural stability and age, you should also take a careful look at the house’s roof. In a place like Vancouver, where the weather has drastic swings between seasons, knowing about the condition of the roof is incredibly important.

A roof is arguably the most important element of a house — it keeps the occupants and their possessions sheltered and safe. And if a roof is damaged, the expense to fix it can be very costly.

In order to make sure that the roof is in acceptable condition, there are certain steps you can take.
Perform A Roof Inspection From The Outside

First, take a look at the roof from the outside. Walk around the perimeter of the house and take note of the condition of the shingles. Even from a distance, you will be able to get an idea whether or not the roof is in decent shape. If there are broken shingles or damaged, caved in spots, take note and inquire to the realtor and seller about when the damage was incurred.

Also look around the property to see any future potential problems. In other words, are there big trees that haven’t been well-pruned nearby? Are there signs that the house would be in danger if the Vancouver weather has a stormy streak?

Look For Stains Or Damage From The Inside

Next, when you are looking inside the house, take careful notice of the ceiling. Look out for water stains and bubbles or warping in the interior. If you notice that there is damage inside, there is a good chance that the roof is leaking somewhere and water is pooling on on the inside. This is never a good sign and can lead to large scale and costly problems.

Take some time in the attic, too. You will be able to see the condition of the outside of the roof from inside the highest point of the house. Check for mildew and mould, or any type of condensation or water accumulation.

Get Info On Previous Roof Repair Work

Finally, don’t be shy to ask for all the available information on the roof. The home seller will need to disclose when the last time the roof was replaced, as well as repairs and inspections. If the seller has been negligent on roofing maintenance, that might be a red flag that there are problems just below the surface. The condition of the roof should be reflected in the listing price of the home.

No matter the case, hiring a roofing professional to come in and do a thorough inspection is always a good idea. Even if the home owner has their own information, it’s better safe than sorry. Before you lay down your life savings and commit to something as big as buying a house, it’s worth the investment of having as much information as possible.

When it comes to roofs, small problems can quickly turn into large and costly ones. A damaged roof can end up costing you greatly by displacing you and your family or even destroying your personal possessions. A professional roofing company will give you the information you need to decide on whether to move forward on purchasing the home.

If you are considering buying a new home and are looking for honest and professional roofers to do an inspection, we are always happy to help.

Happy house hunting and good luck with your future purchase!