Tile Roofs in BC: Not the Best Option for Your Roof

tile roofing

Aesthetically speaking, a properly installed tile roof can add a great deal of appeal to the look of your home. Beyond their aesthetic appeal however, there are few other pros associated with having a tile roof in a climate like the one in BC. This is mainly because traditional tile roofs are intended for homes located in warmer, drier climates. Due to the wet weather we often encounter throughout BC and the roofing tile’s inability to prevent leaks, a tile roof is not the ideal choice. They may look great, but tile roofs are really not made for our province’s wet climate.

Why Tile Roofing Is Not The Best Option?

Drawbacks of Tile Roofs

As mentioned above, tile roofs are not ideal for homes and buildings throughout BC because they are not designed to stand up to heavy rainfall or driving rain blown by heavy winds. When it comes to protecting a home from the heat from the sun, there are few better options than roof tiles made from clay, concrete or sand-cast material. Unfortunately, these materials aren’t ideal for protecting against leaks and other damage caused by moisture and rainfall. Where traditional asphalt shingles have a six inch overlap to protect from rainfall, roof tiles only feature a one inch overlap, making them more likely to divert water into your attic. If you have skylights or a chimney on your roof, installing a tile roof can make these areas even more prone to leaks and damage than they already are. Also, thanks to the amount of moisture that can build up on the surface of your roof, moss can quickly build up on the roof tiles, causing them become unsightly. Finally, tile roofs are prone to breaking and cracking when struck by things like falling branches, or in the event of an earthquake.

For the high cost and number of setbacks associated with having a tile roof installed in a wet climate like that of BC, residents and commercial property owners are better off searching for a better alternative. Even if you decide you want a tile roof for your home, be advised that most tile roofing systems come with built-in rubber gutters. Only about 1 in 10 roofers in this area are familiar with how to properly install those gutters. If you are looking for a new roof you might consider having the roofing experts at Taves Roofing provide you with top quality shingles from Certainteed. We also specialize in converting your old tile roof into new fibreglass shingles which are covered by our 50-year material warranty. For more information, feel free to contact us directly to arrange for a free quote on your next roofing project.

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