5 Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

contractor uses the pressure wash to clean there residential roof

The roofing on your house is designed and built to keep you warm and dry throughout its lifespan. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance, your roof may not perform the way it is meant, and you may find yourself with some unanticipated problems such as leaks and loose shingles well before the end of the roof’s normal lifespan. To avoid these problems, and to get the most out of your home’s roof in terms of lifespan and protection, take a look at these five roof maintenance tips listed below.

Five Important Tips For Your Roof Maintenance

1. Periodic Inspections and Professional Repairs

Once your roof is installed, it is often a good idea to remain in periodic contact with the company that installed your roof (assuming they did a good job, of course). That way, you will never have to look far for a service that will help keep your roof maintained for years to come. Every two years or so, you can have the roofers come over and inspect the roof to see if there are any impending issues. These professionals will not only know where to look for issues, they will be prepared to fix the problem right away before it becomes a bigger, more expensive issue to fix.


2. Keep it Clean

One of the great things about living in a place like Vancouver or the rest of BC’s lower mainland is the number of beautiful, mature trees found everywhere. Your roof may not share your enthusiasm for these trees however, as the leaves and loose debris they dump on your roof can actually cause damage if allowed to accumulate. Regular sweeping and cleaning of your rooftop and gutters will prevent debris from building up and causing damage on the surface of the roof.


3. Moss and Mold

If debris is allowed to build up, then you will likely encounter issues with moss and mould building up on the roof. As these surface issues grow, the protection your roof gives against water as well as UV rays will be massively reduced. Eventually, mould and moss can damage the structure of the roof itself. There are special cleaning solutions that can be used to easily kill and clean the mould and moss from your roof, many of which can be found at your local hardware store. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions closely however, for your safety as well as the safety of your roof.


4. Problem Areas

Some areas of the roof are more prone to damage than others, which is why it is always a good idea to keep an eye on certain areas of the roof. The flashing surrounding areas like your chimney or a skylight are sometimes prone to damage or deterioration, even on the best-made roofs. Keep an eye out for things like masonry damage on your chimney, or loose metal flashing around any edges. The sooner you notice these problems, the sooner you can fix them, or have them fixed.


5. Avoiding Water Damage

We mentioned above that it is a good idea to keep the debris off your roof, but simply sweeping this into your gutters and downspouts can just lead to more future problems. Water is a particular hazard for any roofing system, which is why it is vital to make sure your gutters, downspouts as well as the soffit and fascia are kept clean and more importantly, are kept dry. If you notice stains or signs of water buildup or damage, make sure to nip that issue in the bud before it can spread indoors and cause more damage.

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