When is the Best Time to Inspect Your Roof in Vancouver


Roof inspections are one of those things thats easy to put off. People look at the roof from the sidewalk, and think: there havent been many storms latelyIm sure its fineIll do it next year!

But having the roof inspected annually is an important part of responsible home ownership. Roof inspections are like preventative medicine its better to stay healthy then try to deal with something when its already a problem. With roofs, preventing leaks is better than trying to fix them.

When is The Best Time to Inspect Your Roof in Vancouver?

The major factor that goes into making this decision is the season. Most people are split into two camps spring or fall. In Vancouver, either option is fine (but we personally prefer the fall).

When the spring rolls in, weve just come out of a long, rainy, cold winter (probably) and these days, theres often longer periods of snowfall. Heavy snow can mean trouble for roofs, especially in Vancouver where many older roofs have not been installed to protect against that kind of weather. And while the green trees in Vancouver make it a beautiful place to live, they also pose as a hazard when the wind picks up, especially if they have not been properly pruned.

In the spring, any damage thats happened over the winter can be assessed and fixed throughout the summer. This offers a nice timeline for roofers because the warm, dry weather in the summer months allows for a great work environment in case any repairs or a roof replacement is needed. So spring in Vancouver is a good time for a roof inspection because the roofer will be able to assess whether any of the winter rain or windstorms or snowfall have caused any damage, but its not the best time to prevent damage.

The fall, on the other hand, is the better option because roofers can make sure that a homes roof is in great condition before the stormy, rainy winter weather sets in. Summer comes with its own roofing hazards that need to be assessed. Animals are more active during the summer and they look for places to store food and make a home for the winter, which can cause huge problems for roofs. And the baking hot sun and drastic changes in temperature also put a strain on roofs.

Plus your roofer will be happy they generally like to work in the fall because its a great temperature to be on top of a building. Roof inspections in the fall still mean there is enough time to make repairs before winter comes and its a good feeling to know that your roof is in good shape before the weather turns.

Everyone has a different opinion on roof inspections, and the most important thing is that homeowners add them to their checklist of annual maintenance chores.

We think fall is the ideal time for roof inspections because preventative actions are best when it comes to protecting your home or building. In the fall, our roofers can come and inspect what needs to be done and make sure your home is in fit condition before the Vancouver rains come. Because theres nothing more stressful than trying to fix a leaking roof in the middle of a storm.

And now that summer is on its way out, we hope youll give us a call for a fall roof inspection so that your winter is cozy and carefree! Contact our Vancouver roofers if you need roof inspection. Fall is coming!