Repairs and Moss Removal of Roofs


Taves Roofing cleans the following roof types: Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingles, Clay and Concrete Tile Roofs, Flat and Roll Roofing. We do not pressure wash any of these roofs at anytime for the reasons outlined below:

Asphalt / Fiberglass – Water getting under and extra granule loss are two of the reasons why its a bad idea to pressure wash Asphalt. This is a quote from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. “Caution ! High pressure washing systems for algae removal should not be used.”

Clay and Concrete Tile – Pressure washing tile is actually allowed by some of the tile roof manufacturers. However, they say to a maximum PSI of 1200 and staying at least 1 foot away from the surface. I doubt that any technician washing your roof adheres to these guidelines. Another thing to consider is your neighbours home. If your houses are at all close together, they need to be warned of the monumental mess of wet moss and sandy muck that will be hitting their siding, windows and gardens. Also, in my opinion its impossible to pressure wash a tile roof and not get at least some water under the tiles. Another thing to remember is when you pressure wash a tile roof, you’re not actually killing the spores so the moss and algae will grow back quicker than if you kill the root of the problem with chemical.

Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Cedar Roof Repairs and Maintenance – We are able to do all types of repairs and maintenance to your cedar roof. However, we do not clean them. If you are wanting to change the look of your cedar roof then you require a cedar roof restoration company.

Cedar Roof Restoration – Cedar Roof Restoration is a process that includes having the ridge caps replaced as well as any failed shingles. The entire roof is cleaned with a pressure washer using low pressure and high volume. The roof is then coated with a treatment that is specifically designed for cedar and allows the shakes to breathe.

Moss Removal Surrey

Moss problems often develop on north facing surfaces, or in the shade of trees and other buildings. Taves Roofing Contracting Services will help you keep moss under control by cleaning and treating the surface with an environmentally safe product, but remember you can keep moss under control yourself by keeping any nearby trees pruned. Moss removal Surrey, Vancouver & the Lower Mainland.

Environmentally Friendly Moss Prevention

To combat this, we use a moss treatment product that is unique for its clearance on any exterior surface, and any sized area. You will be amazed at the results and the length of time your roof, patio or any other area which suffers growth remains completely moss-free. And each time it rains, this safe environmentally-friendly moss treatment product reactivates to continue working to prevent moss and mold, without scouring the surface.

Moss Removal: It’s important to Remove Unsightly Roof Moss

If left untreated, moss will build up on your roof and fall into the gutter, onto your patio and decking and make your house look unsightly. It doesn’t do much harm usually but when it’s cold it can expand (because it contains water) and cause damage to roof tiles, especially if you have a stone, slate or tile roof: this can lead to cracked tiles which could mean an expensive roof repair.

Moss on Concrete, Bricks etc

Moss can be removed from concrete and brick surfaces – particularly on the sides of your house that don’t get much sunlight. It often looks unsightly, but is easily removed.

Moss on Patios, Driveways and Decking

Taves Roofing Contracting Services has an amazing team with years of experience removing moss from roofs, driveways, patios and decking. Our moss removal Surrey BC (metro Vancouver)  service is professional and affordable.