Most Popular Roof Types in Maple Ridge


Most people think a roof is just a roof, but each one has something unique to it. Every roof has been carefully designed for the size and shape of the building. And the materials used are chosen to both withstand the elements and to satisfy certain aesthetic preferences.

The roofs you’ll find in a city like Maple Ridge, for example, will last through rainy seasons, and will match up with a common aesthetic you often find in residential and commercial neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland.

Here are some of the most popular roof types in Maple Ridge.

Gable Roof

This instantly recognizable roof is often called a peaked or pitched roof and commonly made with asphalt shingles and cedar shakes. You’ll see them in Maple Ridge because they are smart designs in climates that rain and snow. Gable roofs are simple to build, can be modified for different architectural designs, and are often found in new developments.

Flat Roof

More typically found on commercial and apartments buildings, there are many benefits to flat roofs. In a place where space is a premium, flat roofs are great for providing extra living space for a patio or garden. Heating and cooling units can live out of sight on flat roofs, keeping the look clean and minimalistic.

They are also good for places that have big seasonal shifts throughout the year. They are designed with a slight slope so rainwater doesn’t collect, they are relatively easy to build, and they can also be great for installing solar panels.

Gambrel Roof

It wasn’t long ago that Maple Ridge was considered rural, but as the Lower Mainland expands, it has engulfed and changed much of the city. But one of the nods to days gone by is the gambrel roof, or barn roof. These are often found on old houses, but the design has been repurposed for newer homes, too.

These two sided roofs have are great for incorporating extra space inside, like an attic or a loft, and they are simple to frame and build. They are also a smart design for outdoor storage buildings like sheds and, of course, barns.

Skillion Roof

Often called a “lean-to”, a scallion roof is a single-faced, sloping roof. Almost like a more sloping, more sophisticated looking flat roof. These roofs are great for additions and expansions on a home, and are now commonly seen on modern homes. They are also popular for small structures like the laneway houses popping up all over.

Saltbox Roof

These asymmetrical roofs feature one side as a slightly sloping flat roof, while the other is a lean-to. These very distinct roofs are a perhaps less common on newer builds because they are more complicated and expensive than other designs. But they are seen in older homes in Maple Ridge because they are great in heavy rain, and they are more stable than the common gable roof.

Combination Roof

For some home builders, uniqueness and creativity are key. In houses that stand apart from the rest, you’ll notice that many have combination roofs. Part gable, part skillion  perhaps. If the house is large with many different rooms, the design might warrant different roofing options. Of course it will be more expensive in materials and labour, but that might not matter for someone building their dream home!

There are other types of roofs too — Hip, Curved, Butterfly, Saw-tooth. They are all interesting and each does a great job of protecting homes from the elements. The next time you’re walking through the neighbourhood, take a moment to appreciate all that goes into keeping a roof over your head!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us, our Maple Ridge Roofing Experts would be happy to help you choose a new roof!