Top 5 Threats to Your Vancouver Roof

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Vancouver has a lot going for it, the mild winters and the beautiful natural scenery. But since the city sits on a former rainforest, the weather can be pretty wild. In the span of a year, Vancouver can experience everything from heavy rain, snow, and hail to hard winds and heat domes. And the roofs of the buildings have to weather it all. 

The roofing materials are asked to withstand some extreme conditions. But that’s not all there is to protect against as there are potential problems to your roof everywhere. Here are the top 5 threats to your Vancouver roof.

Extreme Weather Damage

These days, it seems like a building’s roof is under more pressure from extreme weather than ever. Roofing material differs from building to building, but it is designed to be able to withstand severe weather-related events.

However, in the case of a relentless multi-day wind/rain storm or a prolonged dump of snow, roofs in Vancouver are at risk of damage. Especially if there are other factors at play like fallen trees, and the age and condition of the roof need to be considered as well. It’s smart to have your roof checked by a professional after a severe weather event so they can spot any problems or damage that might have happened during the storm.

Flashing Leaks

Flashing leaks can be caused by strong wind and other harsh weather, combined with a lack of consistent roof maintenance. Leaks happens when the seams in roofing materials are exposed. This leaves the untreated part of the roof open to the elements. If this isn’t corrected quickly enough and happens again and again, the roof will be prone to leaks, which, of course, can become a disaster. 


Vancouver has a healthy urban animal population, and many of them, from birds to rodents, are looking for a nice, safe, warm place to make their home. When raccoons, pigeons, and other animals decide to post up in your roof, it can be really difficult to get them to leave, and it can do a lot of damage to your roof.

There are preventable measures to take, like keeping your eaves in good shape and having annual roof inspections to find any weaknesses that could be exploited by the crafty creatures. If you suspect that there are animals living inside your roof, it’s best to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Poorly Pruned Trees

One of the beautiful things about Vancouver is the amount of green space and the abundance of trees throughout the neighbourhoods. But they can pose a serious hazard to your home or building if they are not pruned correctly. Damaged limbs are more susceptible to breaking off in a storm and crashing down on your roof. 

If you are unsure whether or not a tree is your responsibility to prune, call the city to find out. Having proper maintenance on the trees on your property and the surrounding area will help ensure they don’t damage your roof the next time the winds pick up.

Loss of Support

This problem can sneak up over time and create havoc for your home. Loss of support happens when standing snow, puddles and ice are left for too long or continually build up over and over again. Some homes are more likely to face this problem than others, especially roofs with nooks and crevasses for water to stand. Over time, the roof will begin to rot, sage, and potentially collapse, putting your home and everything inside at risk of a very terrible situation.

Vancouver Roofing Solutions

Whether you are building a home from the ground up, renovating, or replacing your roof entirely, there is a lot to think about, especially in a place like Vancouver where there are wide swings in weather and temperature. Making sure you use the right roofing materials, have proper roof ventilation, and are prepared for the year-round weather events is just part of it. Annual maintenance and finding reliable roofing services are important, too.

Your roof is what keeps you and the contents of your building safe and protected, so it’s worth a little extra time, care, and attention. The roofing company you hire to inspect and fix your roof matters, so choose wisely.

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