Why Commercial Roof Maintenance is Important

regular roof maintenance can avoid common roof damage

Commercial business owners usually have multiple issues to consider each day. As an owner, they have to be aware of practically every aspect of their business at all times, including the state of their business premises. From warehouses to office buildings, storefronts and more, each business owner needs to ensure their property is properly maintained so they can focus on their important daily routine. For the most part, commercial property owners remain vigilant about keeping plenty of components of their properties in good working order. Issues with plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems are almost always noticed and dealt with in a timely manner, but in some cases, property owners tend to forget about maintaining the building’s roof.

Commercial roof repair can often be an expensive and time-consuming proposition, especially if an issue has been allowed to persist for an extended period of time. Though most people don’t consider it as often, your commercial roof requires some sort of regular maintenance in order to remain intact for its expected lifespan. Without regular roof maintenance, a commercial roof will require extensive repairs or a complete replacement in a short period of time. Below you’ll find some examples of roof damage that will occur without proper commercial roof maintenance from a certified commercial roof expert.

Three Common Roof Damage Examples

Gaps in Flashing

Whether you have a more traditional peaked roof or an industrial flat roof, there will be specific areas where water is more likely to enter the building’s interior from the roof. These points are often sealed with metal flashing which does an excellent job of blocking water from entering and diverting it from the roof. Unfortunately, flashing can deteriorate or shift over time, leading to issues with water getting inside and causing serious damage to the building’s structure. With regular maintenance inspections, the likelihood of any issues with flashing gaps becomes very slim.

Standing Water

A good build commercial roof will be properly graded to allow for easy drainage and diversion of water. This is especially important in an area like Vancouver and BC’s lower mainland, where precipitation is quite common. Unfortunately, some building’s roofs will eventually allow water to pool and remain on the roof. This process, known as ponding, can easily lead to leaks that weaken the structure of the roof and the building itself. Furthermore, these pools of standing water can allow the growth of dangerous mould. Again, with regular commercial roof maintenance, you won’t ever have to worry about dealing with standing water, as a maintenance team will keep the roof clean and will repair any drainage issues as they appear.

The Bubbling of Roof Surface

When roof ages and gets exposed to lots of humidity and moisture, the flexible roof materials can start to bubble and eventually crack and deteriorate. This process usually takes a significant period of time to lead to any serious roof damage, unless the roof was improperly installed. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of flat commercial roofs that have developed some unnoticed bubbling. This is of course due to a lack of roof maintenance, and if the bubbling isn’t fixed, it can lead to major problems with water leaks and even wind damage.

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