When Do Commercial Roofs Need an Inspection?


Vancouver Commercial Roofing Inspections

Like all buildings, commercial buildings require inspection and maintenance. Since most commercial buildings have flat roofs, they should be on a different inspection schedule than homes, which generally have slanted roofs. Especially in a city like Vancouver, where the rainy season puts added pressure on drainage systems and roofing membrane, the potential for leaks is much higher than in other cities. When it comes to commercial buildings, where a leak can cause damage to things like inventory, we recommend that a commercial roof should be inspected twice a year.

That might sound like a lot but there is often a lot at stake in a commercial building, which can house things like office equipment, supplies or machinery. Proper maintenance and bi-annual inspection means that small problems won’t have a chance to turn into large ones, and regular inspections will save you money in the long run by preventing large repair bills that you might otherwise incur.

So, what should you expect with a commercial roof inspection? At Taves Roofing in Vancouver, our highly trained specialists are available to provide you with the following services if you book a commercial roof inspection:

Safety Review — our trained roofers will inspect the roof and surrounding area, looking for debris that might have accumulated from storms or anything that can be considered an obstruction like overgrown tree limbs, for example.

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Visual Inspection — ensuring that your commercial roofing membrane is in good shape and hasn’t undergone any serious damage is key to long-term roof maintenance. Our experienced roofers will examine the roofing membrane on your commercial building, especially along the seams, to see that the seals are in tact and that there are no leaks occurring. If you have noticed a leak from the interior of your building, our roofers will be able to track down where the leak has started and provide advise on how to fix it and services to complete the task.

Overall Review — there is a lot that happens on roofs, including drainage systems and ventilation for heating and air conditioning. There are also electrical components to commercial roofs as well as plumbing connections. Our experienced roofers know the details of how complicated roofs operate and know what to look for if there are potential problems occurring with any systems that are connected to the roof.

As mentioned, all buildings, commercial and residential, need regular inspections and maintenance. Problems with roofs don’t fix themselves, they only get worse over time. And with a commercial building, a leak or damage that could have been fixed if noticed and dealt with early on might eventually add up to not only the repair cost, but a halt in operations or damage to expensive product.

At Taves Roofing, we recommend inspections twice a year on commercial roofs, especially with the wear and tear that the seasons in Vancouver put on a building. Our experienced roofers will perform a thorough inspection to identify any potential problems and will provide sound advice on what maintenance can be done to keep the roof, and your business, in the best shape it can be. If you should need any repairs or roof replacing our professional staff will be happy to help.