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Chimney Repairs

Just like the rest of your roof, your chimney is regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions on a regular basis. In addition, a functioning chimney will have hot combustible gas passing through its interior. When we consider how rapid temperature changes cause expansion and contraction in chimney materials, it is no wonder why so many chimneys require regular maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, the Vancouver roofing experts at Taves Roofing can handle whatever challenges the chimney on your roof poses.

Common Chimney Issues

Extreme temperature changes and exposure to the elements are just a few ways your chimney can become damaged over time. In the case of brick or masonry chimneys, when cracks occur, the chimney can quickly become unsafe. Rain can actually enter through the cracks in the chimney, which can lead to extensive damage on the interior of your home. As the cracks expand, the structure of the chimney will become compromised, leading to worse deterioration. In addition, broken flue pieces caused by deterioration of the chimney structure can cause toxic gas to get stuck inside. When this occurs, you run a serious risk of exposure to poisonous gas like carbon monoxide. Even more modern chimneys connected to natural gas furnaces which produce less heat in the chimney require liner changes to maintain efficiency. No matter what chimney repairs you may need, you can count on Taves to get the job done right.

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Chimney Repairs

We offer extensive chimney repairs and maintenance services that will keep your chimney working properly inside and looking great on the outside. Whether you have an older brick chimney which could use a few patches on the masonry, or a newer chimney which needs an updated stainless steel or aluminum liner we can help. By enlisting our experienced team for chimney repairs and maintenance, you can greatly reduce the risk of being exposed to toxic gas indoors. Proper chimney maintenance can also reduce the risk of sudden fires being started in a clogged chimney. And while our team is conducting an inspection and repairs on your chimney, we can scope out other potential problem areas and make recommendations for further repairs or the removal of a problematic chimney.

Chimney Tear Downs

In some cases, simple repairs for a chimney will just delay the inevitable fact that the chimney needs replacing. Even if your chimney is in relatively good condition, it is often a good idea to have it removed if it is no longer in use. An unused chimney can end up hosting some unwanted critters which will eventually work their way inside your house. In some cases, chimneys in poor condition, whether used or not, will cause damage to other areas of your roof and your property below when pieces of brick or masonry break off and fall. When this starts happening, our recommendation will usually include a full chimney tear down.

No matter what type of maintenance or repairs you need for your chimney, the experts at Taves Roofing can help. Feel free to contact us today to arrange for a chimney inspection and an estimate for any necessary repairs or tear downs.

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