How to Walk Safely on Your Roof

The man is trying to walk on the roof

Walking on your roof seems like an easy and simple thing to do. However, it can be a very dangerous undertaking, and commonly leads to accidents. Before tackling any sort of roof repair, it is worth consulting a Vancouver roofing service for advice or to examine your roof’s structural integrity. Things to consider before walking out First thing first you … Read More

How to Prevent Roofing Leaks in Maple Ridge BC


If you’ve ever felt the dread that comes from hearing that terrible drip… drip… drip… sound, you’ll know how stressful a leaky roof can be. Not only can it be an indication of other far more serious structural problems in your roof, but it can also lead to health problems for you and your loved ones because of mold and … Read More

How to choose a roof

From natural materials like slate and wood to manmade products such as asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers; there are more types and styles of roofing to choose from today than ever before. While each has its advantages and shortcomings, they all can add a distinctive design element to your home. So which one is right for you?