How To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

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We might not think about it that often, but roofs do an amazing job. They protect us and our belongings from the elements, and to take the brunt of all the changing weather that we go through, season after season. In Vancouver, that amounts to a lot of blazing sun, rain, and wind, and even the occasional hail storm and … Read More

Tile Roofs in BC: Not the Best Option for Your Roof

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Aesthetically speaking, a properly installed tile roof can add a great deal of appeal to the look of your home. Beyond their aesthetic appeal however, there are few other pros associated with having a tile roof in a climate like the one in BC. This is mainly because traditional tile roofs are intended for homes located in warmer, drier climates. … Read More

How Your Roof Impacts Your Homeowners Insurance 

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These days, you can never be too prepared for the changing and unpredictable weather we seem to be getting. Windstorms, a prolonged snow season, hail and intense rain — all of these things can do damage to one’s home, and especially the roof.

4 Common Summer Roof Problems


Summer Roof Repair Services Aaaah. It finally feels like summer is here. After a long, rainy winter in Vancouver, you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief, and feel the general uptick in spirits as the sun comes out. While we revel in the summertime sun, it’s also time to start thinking about summer home maintenance and repair. There … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips From a Roofing Contractor


March 2017 is officially on the record for being the “gloomiest” month Vancouver has seen in a very long time, with only a fraction of the usual amount of sunlight. But despite the effort of the clouds and rain, cherry blossoms are breaking through and daffodils are stubbornly baring their yellow brightness to help cheer us all up. Whether the … Read More

Advantages of a Roof Gutter Guard Installation


In a place like rainy Vancouver, everyone knows the importance of having a gutter. Without a gutter on a rainy day, you might as well be walking under a waterfall. One of the most dreaded home maintenance chores, however, is cleaning the gutters. Just saying it sounds terrible and sends shudders down the spine. Climbing up a ladder and cleaning … Read More

Taves Roofing Now Serving in Mission


For residents in Mission looking for a full-service roofing company that provides top quality repairs and installations at a highly competitive price, they need look no further than Taves Roofing. Our company has been providing residents in the Vancouver, Maple Ridge and Burnaby areas with excellent customer service and quality roof repairs for years now, and we are pleased to … Read More

Preventing Ice Dams On Roofs


How To: Prevent Ice Dams On Roofs Being a homeowner is a big responsibility and being a good homeowner means there are certain obligations when it comes to repair and maintenance. With every season comes a new home maintenance challenge. A homeowner might look at the beautiful fall colours and shudder at the thought of having to rake up all … Read More

How To Prevent A Leaky Roof


Leaky Roof Tips From Your Vancouver Roofing Contractor In Vancouver, it seems like we have two seasons, wet and dry. While the summers in the city are glorious, they are all too quickly replaced by a long, rainy winter. The rain, of course, makes the city lush and beautiful, but it also comes with its challenges, especially for home owners.

Is It Time For A ReRoof?


How Do I Know It’s Time For A ReRoof? While everyone knows that with owning a home comes maintenance and repairs, sometimes they crop up at unexpected times, leaving you with little time to prepare. Of course, it would be nice if life stuck to a schedule, but stuff happens — storms blow in, hidden or unknown damage rears its … Read More