How Your Roof Impacts Your Homeowners Insurance 

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These days, you can never be too prepared for the changing and unpredictable weather we seem to be getting. Windstorms, a prolonged snow season, hail and intense rain — all of these things can do damage to one’s home, and especially the roof.

When is the Best Time to Inspect Your Roof in Vancouver


Roof inspections are one of those things that’s easy to put off. People look at the roof from the sidewalk, and think: “there haven’t been many storms lately… I’m sure it’s fine… I’ll do it next year!” But having the roof inspected annually is an important part of responsible home ownership. Roof inspections are like preventative medicine — it’s better … Read More

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

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Summer is a busy time for roofing contractors, especially in Vancouver. Long stretches of rainless days make it ideal to do large scale roof replacements and repairs. Many of these jobs are booked long in advance because the building owners stick to a strict inspection and maintenance schedule. They get their roofs inspected regularly, fix problems as they arise and … Read More

Flat Roof Replacement Or Repair Tips


Tips For Your Commercial Flat Roof Replacement We recently read a great quote: If you take care of your roof, it will take care of you. A simple sentence that sums up the cardinal rule of roofing. Roofs come in many different forms and vary depending on both climate, and the preferences of the designer or homeowner. But whether it’s … Read More

What to look for in a roof when buying a home


Roof Inspection Tips From A Roofing Contractor When Buying A New Home Buying a house is generally the biggest investment a person will make in a lifetime. And there is much to consider before signing the papers. A person has to think about the neighbourhood, the layout, style, and size of a house. There is also an emotional investment — … Read More

Roofing Questions To Ask Contractors


5 Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor BEFORE You Hire Them Whether it’s for a major home repair or you are thinking about getting some routine maintenance, hiring a roofing contractor is an important decision. And despite flashy claims and big promises, not all roofing companies offer the same quality of service.

When Do Commercial Roofs Need an Inspection?


Vancouver Commercial Roofing Inspections Like all buildings, commercial buildings require inspection and maintenance. Since most commercial buildings have flat roofs, they should be on a different inspection schedule than homes, which generally have slanted roofs. Especially in a city like Vancouver, where the rainy season puts added pressure on drainage systems and roofing membrane, the potential for leaks is much … Read More

Which Roofing Materials Last The Longest?


The Longest Lasting Roofing Materials On The Market When it comes to deciding on a new roof for your home, there are plenty of factors to consider. One of the most important questions people have when making the decision to repair and replace a roof is, which roofing material lasts the longest? It’s an important question, but the answer can … Read More

Is It Time For A Roof Replacement?


Home ownership is a privilege and joy that many people work toward for their entire lives. But along with owning a home comes maintaining a home, whether it is something simple like keeping the lawn mowed or the windows cleaned. But every now and again, homes need larger repairs, hopefully none too major too often. And one area to be … Read More