Tile Roofs in BC: Not the Best Option for Your Roof

tile roofing

Aesthetically speaking, a properly installed tile roof can add a great deal of appeal to the look of your home. Beyond their aesthetic appeal however, there are few other pros associated with having a tile roof in a climate like the one in BC. This is mainly because traditional tile roofs are intended for homes located in warmer, drier climates. … Read More

How Does the Sun Damage Your Roof?

sun damaging the roof

In Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we wait a long time and put up with a lot of rainfall for a few fast months of summer sun. And while getting that heat on our skin and taking advantage of the good weather is a great feeling, we are often all too happy to take a break into the shade when … Read More

How Your Roof Impacts Your Homeowners Insurance 

roofing insurance

These days, you can never be too prepared for the changing and unpredictable weather we seem to be getting. Windstorms, a prolonged snow season, hail and intense rain — all of these things can do damage to one’s home, and especially the roof.

When is the Best Time to Inspect Your Roof in Vancouver


Roof inspections are one of those things that’s easy to put off. People look at the roof from the sidewalk, and think: “there haven’t been many storms lately… I’m sure it’s fine… I’ll do it next year!” But having the roof inspected annually is an important part of responsible home ownership. Roof inspections are like preventative medicine — it’s better … Read More

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

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Summer is a busy time for roofing contractors, especially in Vancouver. Long stretches of rainless days make it ideal to do large scale roof replacements and repairs. Many of these jobs are booked long in advance because the building owners stick to a strict inspection and maintenance schedule. They get their roofs inspected regularly, fix problems as they arise and … Read More

What Happens if it Rains During Roof Repairs?


In a city like Vancouver, you’ve simply got to face the fact that rain happens. It’s a part of life, and a big part at that. In 2017, there were 154 days of rain and in 2016 the number of rainy days was a whopping 186. That’s pretty much half the year! As roofers, the rain is something we’ve had … Read More

Tips to Protect Your Roof Against Vancouver Heavy Rain


If there’s one thing Vancouverites can agree upon it’s that the rainy season is long and, well, wet. Some people love the moody grey skies, while others find the rain nearly unbearable. But whatever your feelings toward the weather are, you understand that the long rainy season changes the way we care for our homes.

Most Popular Roof Types in Maple Ridge


Most people think a roof is just a roof, but each one has something unique to it. Every roof has been carefully designed for the size and shape of the building. And the materials used are chosen to both withstand the elements and to satisfy certain aesthetic preferences. The roofs you’ll find in a city like Maple Ridge, for example, … Read More

A Brief History of Roofing


Having a roof over our heads is a basic human need. It dates back to primitive times, having shelter can mean the difference between life and death. In fact, the first rule of survival is to build a shelter. We simply can not survive for long if exposed to the elements. Ok, that’s a bit grim. Let’s lighten it up … Read More

How to Prevent Roofing Leaks in Maple Ridge BC


If you’ve ever felt the dread that comes from hearing that terrible drip… drip… drip… sound, you’ll know how stressful a leaky roof can be. Not only can it be an indication of other far more serious structural problems in your roof, but it can also lead to health problems for you and your loved ones because of mold and … Read More